What can you expect of a City service?

As a minimum, that our staff will have the requisite knowledge and skills. But that hardly differentiates us. So, what does?

We want our clients to receive outstanding service and we believe that demands that we meet the following standards:

  • After close consultation with you, the service you receive is tailored to deliver the results you require as efficiently as possible. Our knowledge and skills are applied to suit your requirements; you are not asked to accommodate a standard service.
  • The service contract will be clear and comprehensive in its description of the results to be delivered and the fees which will be charged.
  • The management and execution of the service will honour the letter of the contract but, above all else, will observe the spirit of the contract – support for your business is more important than slavish adherence to terms and conditions.
  • We will bring to your attention any concerns we may have about aspects of your business irrespective of the scope of our contract.
  • The service will be delivered by a team which is courteous and friendly and which puts a premium on integrating seamlessly with your business.
  • You will have ready access to a senior member of our team who will be committed to resolving your query as swiftly and as helpfully as possible.
  • We will willingly be held accountable for our service.
  • We will seek constantly to improve the value for money delivered by our services.
  • We will regularly invite your appraisal of our performance and act upon your comments.

'City really come through for us — always going the extra mile.

'I would recommend City if you are looking for a proactive, professional and courteous service, where nothing is too much trouble. The team are incredibly professional and diligent and a pleasure to work with.'